Shavlik's Antivirus Surpasses Competitors in Detecting Nasty Malware

Shavlik’s VIPRE antivirus engine has surpassed competitors in recent tests with and the Malware Research Group. Today we add another to the list. Virustotal is a service that measures the detection of viruses, worms, trojan and other malware and reports how well antivirus engines perform. Virustotal reported today that VIPRE was one of only three engines (out of 41 measured) that caught “VideoPlugin_v43.exe,” a new piece of nasty malware making its way around the Internet.

Click here to learn more about Shavlik’s VIPRE engine. Also, read our latest white paper on layered security “Patch and AV: Better Together.”

– Mike Bleakmore
Product Marketing Director
Shavlik Technologies

  • Computer Repair Orange County (Los Angeles)

    Well done sir I personally love your product and here we are using your protection system for our costumers. So, thanks a lot.

  • Lakshmi

    Do you have comparision sheet. Shavlik with other competitive products?

  • Anne Steiner

    @Lakshmi, check out this blog post,, to learn more about users’ evaluation of Protect versus other products. This is independent and not something commissioned by Shavlik.

    Beyond that, we don’t publish a competitive matrix, but you can…
    – Download a free trial from, and check it out for yourself
    – Have a conversation with one of our sales reps. He/she would be happy to talk through the advantages and disadvantages of different products versus Shavlik.

    You can reply to me or feel free to email Thanks for checking us out.

  • Rajeev Singh

    Makes me think of ESET Antivirus. It detects malware that cannot be detected by other AV

  • Henry Price

    When was this AV software released? I am just wondering, is it better than ESET Antivirus?

    • Chris Goettl


      This post was from 2011. There have been a lot of changes on the AV front since then. In fact we are taking a step back from our AV integration with VIPRE. VIPRE in the past two years has dropped down the competitive lists and signature AV solutions in general are falling behind. We have actually deprecated this feature and it will be turned off by end of 2016. I would recommend looking into solutions like Sentinel One.