Shavlik Technical Support from Start to Finish

We recently caught up with the Shavlik technical support team to learn more about its role in solving customer issues with Shavlik products and services. The Backline Support team, which includes Chase Norton, Adam Gindt, and Charles Winning, has built a strong support staff as well as a lively online community of Shavlik users, who help each other through peer-to-peer questions and use cases.

Q: Can you tell us more about how you help customers find the support they need?

Shavlik’s support team is comprised of two separate teams that work together to solve problems in the quickest and most efficient way. Our frontline technical support engineers, or (TSE), handle all inbound phone calls and problems that are flagged through our online portal. Our backline engineers, or (PSE), are our escalation point; they handle escalations from our frontline team and engage our engineering team to ensure any questions or issues from a customer stand point are addressed from an engineering level.

Q: Can you tell us more about how important personalized service is to the Shavlik support team?

At Shavlik we are about first responsibility ownership. All customer facing relations are handled through the TSE team, from start to finish. TSE engineers will work with the PSE team to get the resources they need for the customer, without having to send the customer to several different people to get their answer. From past experiences, we believe it’s important to provide the customer with one support staff member to handle their case through the entire process, no knowledge is lost and the customer can feel comfortable with their representative.

Q: Along with personalized support, are there any other things that make your structure unique?

Since our spinoff from VMware, we’ve been focusing on building up our online community. We’ve created forums where customers can come and ask questions to the community, get answers from peers, and read knowledge articles about our products. It opens up the opportunity to ask real world question to people who are using the products every day in their businesses.

On top of the community, we’ve built a smart support portal where customers can submit a case and the portal will generate relevant articles that can answer FAQs.

Q: Any general advice you’d like to offer customers?

Logs are the technician’s best friend. To ensure customer issues are solved quickly and efficiently, we want to stress that customers should send us everything they can about the case before they submit it, such as logs and detailed information. We can solve the problem substantially quicker when we have the log information, because the engineers can see the problem and cause directly.

Q: Tell us a little about yourselves:



Meet Adam Gindt: Adam is a product support engineer at Shavlik, located in Salt Lake City. He covers all components of the Shavlik Protect and Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center products. In his free time he enjoys playing video games, running, and hiking and exploring.



Meet Charles Winning: Charles is a product support engineer at Shavlik, located in the New Brighton office in sunny Minnesota. None of his cars are less than 400 horsepower, even his winter beater.


Chase Norton


Meet Chase Norton: Chase is a support manager for Shavlik, located in Salt Lake City. Chase is married with a 2 year old son and 8 month old daughter. He loves playing sports, especially football, and enjoys boating with his family.