Shavlik Patch 2.1: When a Good Thing Gets Even Better

477569935Have you ever had the experience where a product you like and use on a regular basis gets better? For most of us, it doesn’t happen nearly enough, but when it does it is a very nice surprise. For smartphone users this may happen once a year or so, or every time your favorite vendor releases a new and improved model of your phone. For me, a good example (and this will probably date me) is from years ago when Sony released the PlayStation 2. It was SOOO much better than the PlayStation 1 that I had been using and I was just blown away.

Well, for users of Shavlik Patch 2.0, prepare to be blown away. Shavlik will soon announce the availability of Shavlik Patch 2.1, a new and improved version of our popular add-in to Microsoft’s SCCM that allows you to publish updates for third-party vendors and for legacy Microsoft products. I can’t give you too many details just yet, but in advance of the release, let me pull back the curtain just a bit and give you a sneak peek at some of the many new features in Shavlik Patch 2.1.

  • Improved Configuration Capabilities: No more guessing, crossing your fingers, and hoping that you meet all the implementation requirements. The next release will be able to tell you exactly what is needed in order to get Shavlik Patch up and running in your SCCM environment.
  • Lots of New Functionality: I am really excited about the many new features that will be available in Shavlik Patch 2.1. You will be able to more easily locate updates you want to publish, you will see more information about those updates, and you will have more configuration options if you work in a proxy server environment.
  • Language Support: Shavlik Patch 2.1 will provide support in a couple of different ways for non-English languages. Interested? Stay tuned!

I can’t wait for the official list of new features to become available next week. I know that Shavlik Patch 2.0 users will be blown away, just like I was years ago by the PS2.

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