PAC Helps Drive the Future of Shavlik Products

Last week, the Shavlik Product Advisory Council (PAC) met for a two-day, onsite meeting at the Shavlik office in Minneapolis.

During this event, PAC members learned more about Shavlik’s strategy and roadmap, reviewed and also test-drove Shavlik Protect 9.2, and most importantly, provided insight and guidance on Shavlik’s product direction.

Thanks to all PAC members for your participation in this event!

In the photos below, (top) PAC members discussed upcoming features in Protect 9.2; (middle) A PAC member shares his idea for an ideal security dashboard; (bottom) It wasn’t all work as PAC members and members of the Shavlik team take in a rare Twins win at Target Field.






Did you know … ?

Did you know?

Did you know?

Here it is my turn to contribute to the Shavlik blog, and I am stricken with “bloggers’ block.” As I try to think of insightful things to say, (those who know me know I rarely say insightful things), nothing comes to mind but questions.

So in the spirit of acceptance of things that can’t be changed, let’s just go with the questions gig.

Did you know…?

  • Shavlik is hosting two webinars this week. “Getting Started with Shavlik Patch” will help new or trial users of Shavlik Patch get up and running and optimize their third-party patching process within SCCM. “Simplified Third-Party Patching for Microsoft System Center” will explain how Shavlik can help you select and deploy third-party patches all from within SCCM. Getting Started with Shavlik Patch
    Wednesday, June 18, 2014 10:00am CDT
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Shavlik's 30-Minute Promise Comes to SpiceWorld

Shavlik hit the road last week and headed down to Austin, TX to take part in SpiceWorld 2013. SpiceWorld is the annual user conference for members of the Spikeworks community.

Our goal during the two-day event was to educate participants about Shavlik’s 30-minute promise. That is you can install our product in 10 minutes and configure it in 20, enabling you to be patching machines just 30 minutes after you open the box. This simplicity reduces the time to value from months to minutes.

Getting into the SpiceWorld spirit of fun, Spiceworks users donned the Shavlik clock Flavor Flav style and did their best 10 and 20. The clock toured several hot spots in Austin and even made it to the lawn of the state capital.