AUTOMATIC Home Office and Small Business Patching

Every few weeks, we get an email from a small business or home user with a small slug of machines they want to make sure are patched. It awesome to see everyone care about patching, but implementing a routine patching plan is sometimes a tough thing to do. All of the emails we see always say something to the effect of:

  1. Patching isn’t fun, but I know it needs to get done.
  2. How do I do it in a non-intrusive way?

After thinking about this issue for quite some time, we now have a great answer. On Tuesday this week, we’ll be announcing the release of IT.Shavlik’s Site Manager. Site Manager is designed for the Small office IT administrator or home user who wants to patch, but not have to think about logging into the IT.Shavlik site to scan and deploy patches.  — We automate the entire process for you using your existing IT.Shavlik credentials.

The concept of Site Manager is simple; set it, and forget it. We want to make it so you can download the patching app once, set it up on one computer in your office, and then Site Manager takes over. In Site Manager, we’ll find the machines you can scan on your network, you can set a time for those machines to be scanned, and when that time is crossed, we’ll take care of scanning all the selected machines, and patch them for you automatically. — If you want to view the results, they can either be retrieved online using your IT.Shavlik account, or alternatively delivered to you in a forthcoming release.

No longer do small businesses have to think about patching. — You’re a few clicks away from making the process automated.  Get started by registering via the  “Join IT Now” button on IT.Shavlik at and click “Forget IT”