Tech Summit Preview: Shavlik Protect Advanced Features


Think you are a Shavlik Protect expert? Whether you are a Protect veteran or a noob, we would like to expand your expertise during the Shavlik Technical Summit at Interchange in Las Vegas on May 24-25. There are many Shavlik Protect advanced features we will go into including (but not limited to) predictive patching, content updates, distribution servers, scheduled reporting, rollups and other advanced features, including those new to version 9.2.

We know Protect is quick and easy to setup and configure, but there is so much more under the surface. One of our goals is to demystify many of the advanced features that will maximize the value of Shavlik Protect in any environment. We hope to introduce you to capabilities you didn’t even know existed and help you understand how to implement Shavlik Protect’s advanced features in your environment.

We’re bringing some of our best engineers and product managers together to mind meld with you during a few days of training and extracurricular activities. Look forward to seeing you there.

Shavlik Tech Summit Preview: Patch Management Best Practices

Patch Management Best Practices at the Shavlik Technical Sumit 2016

Shavlik has been in the business of patch management for a very long time. From HFNetChk to Shavlik Protect, Shavlik Patch, and now Shavlik Empower, we’ve spent a long time building industry-leading patch management solutions. Along the way, we’ve built up a lot of expertise around patch management best practices. By now, we hope you’ve seen our Patch Tuesday analysis and webinars as well as insights on 3rd party applications, and Apple Mac OS X updates. It’s overdue that we have a face to face to share our cumulative knowledge on patch management best practices and we have just the event to do that.

At the Shavlik Technical Summit at Interchange in Las Vegas on May 24-25, we want to share our insights on patch management best practices so you can have a better understanding of how to address the process, people, and technology to keep your environment secure and stable. We’ll spend time helping you understand our products, but more importantly the processes and approaches to maximize success. We will also discuss how top vendors release patches, potential pitfalls, and changes that are coming. It’s not too late to register, so join us in Vegas and let us help you become a patch management expert for your company.

Tech Summit Preview: Shavlik Empower


Patch Management from the cloud – why should you care? With clients increasingly mobile, as are you, we saw a need to be able to patch and track what’s going on in your enterprise and see that information anywhere. With Shavlik Empower, we introduced cloud-based, web-accessible patch management with inventory and change tracking and this is just the beginning. We were so excited about what Shavlik Empower can do for our Shavlik Protect customers that we made the base inventory and change tracking free with Protect.

If you missed the launch of Shavlik Empower last fall, we want to give you some hands on training and experience at the first Shavlik Technical Summit at Interchange in Las Vegas on May 24-25. We’re going to go into architecture, integration with Protect, and the ability to manage Windows and Mac OS X systems directly from the cloud. We hope to see you there.

Tech Summit Preview: Shavlik Protect 9.2


Shavlik Protect 9.2 was released last fall and we know that many of you downloaded it and are already using. This release was jam packed with many new capabilities including turbo charged assessment and remediation, predictive patching, Patch Tuesday + X scheduling, product EOL reporting, redesigned patch view \ group, and so much more. If those capabilities don’t sound familiar, you may be asking, where can I get training on Shavlik Protect 9.2? We’ve got an answer: the first Shavlik Technical Summit at Interchange in Las Vegas on May 24-25.

We plan on going into many of the new features in sessions as well as hands on labs. We’ll give you a chance to learn how they work, how to implement them, and give you the experience to go home and apply the new capabilities to your environment. You will get a chance to mingle with our product managers and engineers and get answers to the questions you’ve had around Protect. We look forward to having you join us next month.

Invitation to the Shavlik Technical Summit

Shavlik Technical Summit at Interchange 2016

If you haven’t noticed from the homepage, we’re holding the first ever Shavlik Technical Summit at Interchange in Las Vegas on May 24-25. So I know what you’re thinking, “What the %^&* is a technical summit and why should I attend?” Let’s start with the why. We’re passionate about security: patch management in particular. We believe patching is one of the most fundamental parts of any security program. We know you are busy administrating multiple systems and applications and patching is one important part of your overall responsibilities. We want to make you to stand out in your company as an expert in patch management and Shavlik.

So how are we going to make you an expert? Well imagine if you blended hands on labs, best practices, product introductions, deep dives, roadmap, and access to product experts all mixed in with some fun on the side. As you can see, coming up with a name wasn’t easy, but our goal is to help you get the most out of Shavlik Protect and related solutions and have fun along the way. I guess we could have called it a boot-camp-expert-presentations-labs-roadmap-peer-experience-conference, but we settled on the Shavlik Technical Summit.

We’ve priced it to be very reasonable so whether you’re a long time customer with Shavlik or brand new, we believe these two days you will do more towards your become a patching and Shavlik expert that anything else you could do. We hope to see you there.