Happy Thanksgiving from the Shavlik Team

The holiday season is upon us and 2013 is nearly over!  As in all things it is good to take time and reflect on what we have accomplished and what we are thankful for.  The Shavlik Team would like to share what we are thankful for.



Harriet in our Finance Team says “I am especially thankful for my two new grandchildren.  They were born 11 weeks early.  The compassion and support from my coworkers made the struggles, we as a family had to deal with so much easier.  I work with so many wonderful people who really do care about people and their hardships.”





Bob in Sales says “I’m thankful for a great Dev/QA/test team that released a Rock Solid – Shavlik Protect 9.0 product!!  I’m also thankful for my awesome Partners and User Community (Customers) that recognize that Shavlik solves a complex (patching) problem with an easy to use solution, Thank you all!”









Brent in Development says “I’m thankful for my wonderful, loving family, and how they lead by example. It’s also a pleasure to have worked with many of the same passionate coworkers for the past five years.










Shavlik Team Members from Sales, R&D, Product Management, IT Ops, and Management are thankful for “NERF, office shenanigans, and an excellent bunch of co-workers to work and play with.”







The Product Management Team (Chris, Mike, Anne, and Aaron) are thankful for “All of the customers who have taken time to send us feature requests, talk to us at trade shows, join us for a conference call, allow us to come onsite and learn more about what they do and what would improve their product experience.  The time you spend helping us to understand your needs helps us to improve the experience of Shavlik Products.  Thank You!” and Aaron is especially thankful for “What does the Fox say!” (Aaron’s Fox picture was from a Halloween “What does the Fox Say?” performance).






Meet the Shavlik Renewals team

This post is the first in a blog series that will introduce you to many of the customer-facing teams here at Shavlik.


Today, I sat down with the Shavlik Renewals team for a Q&A. This three-person team, which includes Sarah Monzel, Kate Gabriel, and Brad Atkinson, is responsible for helping customers renew maintenance and subscriptions for their Shavlik products.

“Our goal is to help facilitate a smooth renewal process for our customers,” Monzel said. “We remain there for you throughout the whole process and don’t just drop a quote and run off. Sometimes we might be the only person a customer knows at Shavlik, and maintaining that engagement is very important to us.”

Anne:  If there was one piece of information or advice that you could share with all of our customers, what would it be?

Renewals team:  Renew early! If you start thinking about your renewal 30-days out and execute it prior to your licenses expiring, you’ll avoid a fire drill, have no lapse in technical support, and facilitate a smoother renewal process.

Anne:  What are some questions customers commonly ask?

Renewals team:

  • How do I renew?  – Contact us at renew@shavlik.com or contact your preferred Shavlik reseller.
  • How do I add seats?  – Send an email to sales@shavlik.com and then one of our channel account managers will get in touch with you.
  • I am having technical issues with my Shavlik product. Can you help me?  – Contact Shavlik Technical Support via one of the options described here.
  • How can I figure out when my license expires or when it has been renewed successfully?  – For the Shavlik Protect product, you can see this in the console by going to “Help” -> “About Shavlik Protect” and viewing the expiration date under the “License Key” section. Upon renewal, you will also receive an email from the Shavlik Renewals team saying that your renewal has been completed.
  • Now that you transitioned from VMware to LANDesk, is the renewals process going to be more difficult?  – Our renewals process has not changed as a result of the transition of Shavlik from VMware to LANDesk. Over the years, we have made significant effort to streamline the process and to keep it as efficient as possible for you.
  • May I co-term maintenance?  – Yes but under certain restrictions. Drop us an email at renew@shavlik.com, and we’ll talk through it together.

Anne:  What do you do for fun away from work?

Kate Gabriel:  “I like to play with my goldendoodle puppy and try new restaurants in Minneapolis with my husband.”

Brad Atkinson:  “I like to spend time with my family and friends, traveling, outdoors, camping, and hiking. I also like to cook.”

Sarah Monzel:  “I like to spend time with my family. I enjoy golfing and love old movies.”


From left to right, Renewals team members Kate Gabriel, Brad Atkinson, and Sarah MonzelShavlik Renewals Team








Protect wins the Information Security™ Magazine and SearchSecurity.com's 2013 Readers’ Choice Award for Vulnerability Management

Thank you Shavlik users for making Shavlik Protect the Information Security ™ Magazine and SearchSecurity.com  2013 Readers’ Choice Award winner. Shavlik Protect received gold in the vulnerability management category and was among the highest scorers this year in any category.

“Shavlik is honored to receive Gold in the 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards,” said Steve Morton, Chief Marketing Officer for Shavlik. “This award not only validates the hard work of our employees but also reinforces and shows the high level of trust our clients place in us and their positive experience with Shavlik Protect.”

From all of us, thank you for this honor and more importantly, your continued confidence in and support of the Shavlik family of products.

November Patch Tuesday Advanced Notification

Microsoft has announced this months Patch Tuesday release.  8 total patches, 3 Critical and 5 Important.  Microsoft did state that the Security Advisory 2896666 will NOT be included in this Patch Tuesday release.  The update for the Zero-Day will be released as soon as it is ready.  Shavlik’s content release today will include the Fix It for the Security Advisory for those who want to deploy it to mitigate the risk of exposure.  Here is the breakdown for this month:

Security Bulletin Breakdown:

  • Three bulletins are rated as Critical.
  • Five bulletins are rated as Important.

Vulnerability Impact:

  • Four bulletins address vulnerabilities that could allow Remote Code Execution.
  • Two bulletins address vulnerabilities that could lead to Information Disclosure.
  • One bulletin addresses a vulnerability that could allow Elevation of Privileges.
  • One bulletin addresses a vulnerability which could lead to a Denial of Service attack.

Affected Products:

  • All Internet Explorer versions
  • All supported Windows operating systems
  • All versions of Office

Join us as we review the Microsoft and 3rd Party releases for November Patch Tuesday in our next monthly Patch Tuesday webcast, which is scheduled for Wednesday, November  13th at 11 a.m. CDT.  We will also discuss other product and patch releases since the October Patch Tuesday. You can register for the Patch Tuesday webinar here.


Microsoft released details and means to mitigate a Zero-Day exploit through Word documents

Microsoft released Security Advisory 2896666 yesterday which describes a vulnerability in Microsoft graphics component that is being actively exploited in targeted attacks using crafted Word documents sent by email.  The attacks are limited as the exploit does need some user interaction to be exploited.  The end result, however, makes the attacker able execute code on the target system.  The attacks that have been identified were located mostly in the Middle East and South Asia.

Office 2003 and 2007 are affected by this vulnerability.  Office 2010 is affected only when installed on Windows XP or Server 2003.  Office 2013 is not affected.  Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013 are also affected.  The Security Advisory includes a “Fix It” to mitigate the risk of being exploited by turning off the TIFF Codex which would effectively block the attack, but also affect any TIFF files that a user would attempt to open.  The “Fix It” also comes with a second tool to back out the change once Microsoft has provided a patch to resolve the vulnerability.

A blog post on TechNet does provide other layers of defense that can reduce the potential risk as well.  The suggested use of the EMET, Protected View, and blocking of ActiveX controls in office documents will help reduce your potential risk.

Shavlik's 30-Minute Promise Comes to SpiceWorld

Shavlik hit the road last week and headed down to Austin, TX to take part in SpiceWorld 2013. SpiceWorld is the annual user conference for members of the Spikeworks community.

Our goal during the two-day event was to educate participants about Shavlik’s 30-minute promise. That is you can install our product in 10 minutes and configure it in 20, enabling you to be patching machines just 30 minutes after you open the box. This simplicity reduces the time to value from months to minutes.

Getting into the SpiceWorld spirit of fun, Spiceworks users donned the Shavlik clock Flavor Flav style and did their best 10 and 20. The clock toured several hot spots in Austin and even made it to the lawn of the state capital.