Shavlik PAC is back!

Last week, about a dozen Shavlik Protect customers gathered in Minneapolis to rekindle the Shavlik Product Advisory Council (PAC). PAC members represent the existing user base and serve as advisers to Shavlik’s product development team.

During the two-day session, PAC members learned about Shavlik’s strategy, roadmap, and new product offerings, but more importantly, they got to share their perspectives on IT today, patch management, and the challenges they face inside and outside of Shavlik products. Their input will help shape the future of the Shavlik product line.

This first meeting focused on Shavlik Protect but future PAC meetings will expand to include users of SCUPdates, Management Intelligence, and Shavlik MDM.

Shavlik would like to extend a huge thank you to the PAC members for their participation in this event. You guys are the best!



(Top photo) PAC members shared their experiences and challenges both inside and outside of Shavlik products with members of the Shavlik product development team.


Wild game

(Bottom photo) The event wasn’t all work, though. PAC members attended a professional hockey game and saw our Minnesota Wild pull out a victory over the Carolina Hurricanes.


Learn more about Shavlik patch

Join Shavlik System Engineer John Rush in this latest webinar as he reviews Shavlik’s patch management product offerings – Shavlik Protect and Shavlik SCUPdates.

Protect is Shavlik’s on-premise IT management solution that bundles best-in-class patch management with asset inventory, power management, and antivirus. SCUPdates is a catalog of patch meta data that enables SCCM shops to patch third-party applications (e.g. Adobe, Oracle, browsers) in the same manner as they patch Microsoft products.

This webinar provides an overview of the patch management process, explains how both products can make that process more thorough with less effort, and lets you know how you can obtain a free trail of Shavlik Protect and/or Shavlik SCUPdates.

Check out the “Looking for patching or more? Discover what Shavlik products can do for you.” webinar at

From there if you want to learn more about Protect or SCUPdates, you can also view “Shavlik Protect: Patching Beyond WSUS” and “Extend Patching in Microsoft System Center with SCUPdates” at

Is patch management a solved problem?

Gartner says, “no.”

In his article, Patch Not a Solved Problem, Gartner Research Director Anton Chuvakin explains the misconception in our industry that Patch Management challenges are a thing of the past. He cites continued struggles with third-party patching as the reason Patch Management remains at least partially unsolved in today’s IT organizations.

How are you addressing this in your SCCM environment?

Shavlik Systems Engineer John Rush and I sat down to discuss how you can come a whole lot closer to solving the Patch Management problem with Shavlik SCUPdates for SCCM.

Check out the “Extend patching in Microsoft System Center with SCUPdates” webinar at to learn more.

"Shavlik Protect: Patching Beyond WSUS" webinar now available on

Shavlik Systems Engineer John Rush and I sat down to discuss “Patching Beyond WSUS” in this latest webinar on Shavlik Protect.

Hear about…

  • How other IT admins are handling patch management both for Microsoft and for third-party products
  • Some of the unique challenges of managing and patching a virtual environment
  • How Shavlik Protect can address both of the above, increase accuracy, and decrease the time required to patch your physical and virtual infrastructure

And see a brief demo of Shavlik Protect.

Check out “Shavlik Protect: Patching Beyond WSUS” at

October Patch Tuesday Advanced Notifications

Patch Tuesday October is nearly upon us!  The theme this month… Remote Code Execution!  4 critical’s, 4 important’s, and 7 of 8 are Remote Code Execution exploits.  There is a IE patch that covers every OS and version of IE, but no word yet if it covers the Zero Day exploit that is currently being exploited in the wild.  Here is the breakdown:

Security Bulletin Breakdown:

  • Four bulletins are rated as Critical.
  • Four bulletins are rated as Important.

Vulnerability Impact:

  • Seven bulletins address vulnerabilities that could lead to Remote Code Execution.
  • One bulletins address a vulnerability that could lead to Information Disclosure.

Affected Products:

  • All Internet Explorer versions
  • All supported Windows operating systems
  • All versions of Office
  • SharePoint Server 2007 SP3 (32- and 64-bit), 2010 SP1 & SP2, 2013
  • Office Web apps 2010 SP1 and SP2
  • Microsoft Silverlight 5

I will review the Microsoft releases for the October Patch Tuesday in our next monthly patch Tuesday webcast which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 9th at 11 a.m. CDT. I will also discuss other non-Microsoft releases that have occurred since the September Patch Tuesday. You can register for the Patch Tuesday webcast here.

Chris Goettl

Shavlik Protect adds support for VMware Tools

Hey all,

With today’s content update Shavlik Protect now supports updating VMware Tools.  This is included under the Non-Security patch type.  If you use the WUscan it will be detected on any VM that has tools installed and allow you to update to the latest version.  If you are using a patch group you can add the patch to a patch group.  It can be found under bulletin VMWT-001.  Remember to allow scanning for non-security patches if you are using a custom template.

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Chris Goettl