vCenter Protect 9.0 Beta is Live!

Hey All,

We have a big week this week.  We have a HUGE release coming with vCenter Protect 9.0.  The product is in public beta as of yesterday.  We have many amazing new features like Cloud Agents, Hypervisor Patching, 64 bit Edition, a host of UI and usability improvements, the list goes on and on.  Check out the vCenter Protect Tech Talk playback from February 26th for a demonstration of this great new release!   For details on how to join the public beta contact

We are also in the middle of the March Patch Tuesday release.  Microsoft has released 7 bulletins.  There are also a number of 3rd Party vendors releasing updates this week.  With the Pwn2Own 2013 contest having just wrapped last week vendors are diligently releasing updates to plug up the myriad of vulnerabilities exploited.  Come and join us for the Minimizing the Impact of Patch Tuesday webinar tomorrow where we will review the Patch Tuesday data release and also the last month review of patches released by vendor.   Keep an eye out for the XML Announcement marking the release of the Patch Tuesday patches into vCenter Protect.


Chris Goettl


March Patch Tuesday Advanced Notification

Microsoft announced their March 2013 advanced notification for Patch Tuesday.   The March edition of Patch Tuesday will be bringing seven security bulletins, six of which will be supported in vCenter Protect.  The seventh is a patch on Office for Mac.

Security Bulletin Breakdown:

  • 4 bulletins are rated as Critical
  • 3 bulletins are rated as Important
  • 3 bulletins address vulnerabilities that could lead to Remote Code Execution
  • 2 bulletins address vulnerabilities that could lead to Elevation of Privilege
  • 2 bulletins address vulnerabilities that could lead to Information Disclosure

Affected Products:

  • All supported Microsoft operating systems
  • All supported versions of Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Silverlight 5
  • Microsoft Visio and Visio Viewer 2010 SP1
  • Microsoft Filterpack 2010 SP1
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010 SP1
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP1
  • Microsoft Web Analytics Web Front End Components

I will be going over the March Patch Tuesday patches in detail in our next monthly Patch Tuesday webcast, which is scheduled for Wednesday, March 13th at 11:00 a.m. CDT.  I will also be reviewing other non-Microsoft releases that have occurred since the February Patch Tuesday. You can register for the Patch Tuesday webcast here.

-Chris Goettl