New Shavlik NetChk 6.0 release

We have released our latest, version 6.0 (thanks to our team, our partners and the customers we worked with to create, market and sell this release)- here is some customer feed-back, this is a shameless plug bog and maybe I am feeling a bit feisty today, but I guess if I do not talk about our products in a positive light why would any one else?

a few key items are the additional agent features along with more on-going network management user interface feature-adds.  We still find most of our customers use our agent-less for most tasks, like pushing a key patch to 1,000 servers per hour, or scanning 8,000 computers in about 2 hours, all without need to manage an additional infrastructure, the same is true for our malware management.  So why do we continue to work on our agent management?  Good question, one is the market perception that an agent is required — but once users start going with agent-less they do not bother with agents, however some customers want to run our product on traveling computers or in DMZs so we continue to blend both agent and agent-less support in all our products.

Our agent and UI is multi-purpose, doing both patch and malware management, but I also like to say we also require on ZERO agents and one UI, or if your imbed our technology like Dell, Symantec, VMware, Juniper, Microsoft, Quest Software, BMC and others (hey, it must work) do you can even go with no UI… this flexibility is key

Another key driver for us is very accurate product coverage, I still get a smile when a WSUS user says they are patched when they are just covering some of Microsoft products when things work out — the best case is not secure.  WSUS of course misses out on Java, Adobe, Flash, Blackberry Servers and others.  Get a demo version of our product and scan your key servers and desktops, if you do not find any missing critical patches please let me know. Our use the demo to shed some light on products keeping you in the dark while claiming otherwise.

What’s next? more VM support in the near and long term, more work around malware and unwanted software which continues to be a big area of growth for us, and a new release of Shavlik NetChk Compliance with new general features along with a number of Federal Government standards such as SCAP being supported.  Beyond that is a more security and network management, more ease of use in which the Big Green Button can be pushed to solve problems, all managed with one UI and zero or one agent.  And as always – the best Microsoft focused solutions available